Team Bio

Peter Watkinson

Project Lead

Peter Watkinson is a Consultant Intensive Care Physician in Oxford, following training in Sheffield and Manchester. His research team focuses on combining the fields of bioengineering and medicine to generate innovative methods for identification of patients at risk, and on delivering user-centred clinical solutions to drive this research innovation into clinical practice.

Tim Bonnici

Co-Creator/Product Manager

Tim's clinical specialities are Intensive Care and Acute Medicine. He combines his clinical work with research into using novel technologies to support clinical decision making. He is currently completing a PhD which examines how wearable sensors, clinical informatics and machine learning can be integrated to alert clinicians to impending patient deterioration.

Lauren Morgan

Design Lead

Lauren is a researcher and lecturer in human factors and systems ergonomics. Lauren utilises user centred design principles and applies them in a clinical environment, implementing technology to improve clinical workflows. Understanding the workflows for the technology facilitates the identification and mitigation of risks.

Paul Coombes

Technical Lead

Paul Coombes is a Senior Systems Programmer at the Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. Prior to leading the SEND development team, he was involved in developing the CaseNotes medical record system and collaborating in mHealth projects with the University's Institute of Biomedical Engineering.

Samuel Wilson

Implementation Lead

Sam is the senior project support officer for the SEND system at Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. He is experienced in implementing electronic patient-based systems and was previously involved in the roll out of the Cerner electronic patient record system in Oxford

Soubera Yousefi

Implementation Officer

Soubera is a clinical nurse with 17 years' experience of working in the Emergency Department setting. She has also been awarded a Postgraduate Certificate in Health Research. Her work has focused on the comparison of electronic and paper charting systems. Having previously implemented other electronic vital signs charts, she brings a wealth of practical experience to the SEND team.

Dave Vallance

Implementation Consultant

Dave is a research nurse and trained Operating Department Practitioner. Having worked on many studies using cutting-edge patient monitors, he is an expert in identifying the best ways to bring new technology to frontline staff.

Chris Fulton


Chris is a programmer for the SEND project, with a particular focus on intuitive user interface design. His prior experience in web design, graphic design and photography provide expert insight that has been invaluable within the medical application context.

Julia Knight

Clinical Consultant

Julia is a registered Adult Nurse with a clinical background in emergency and practice nursing and a Speciality Registrar in Public Health. Her research has studied the differences in outcomes for patients who had their vital sign observations recorded on paper vs. electronic charting systems. She has also completed a year long Darzi Fellowship based with the Health Innovation Network in South London.

David Wong

Technical Consultant

David is a Researcher and Lecturer in Health Informatics within the Yorkshire Centre for Health Informatics, University of Leeds. His background in engineering mathematics has enabled him to apply relevant engineering techniques to health-related problems. In particular, his research includes investigating how machine learning techniques can be applied to vital sign data. Previously, he co-designed and joint-led technical development of SEND. He continues to advise on all aspects of SEND development.

Lionel Tarassenko

Project Advisor

Professor Tarassenko (CBE) is head of the department of Engineering Science at the University of Oxford and was previously director of the University's Institute of Biomedical Engineering. His world-class expertise in medical devices and bio-signal processing have resulted in over 100 publications in international journals and 24 patents. He is also the founding director of Oxford BioSignals Ltd, e-San Ltd and Oxehealth Ltd.